Jasmine Sailing's Random Thoughts (or Thoughtlessnesses!)

Beginning this section: 06/11/07.

These thought of the moment essays are listed in reverse chronological order. If this is your first time seeing them, you'll want to start from the bottom (unless you're looking for something specific). And by the bottom I mean the pre-amble UNDER the links!

Let The Attempts At Thought Begin:

  • 11/04/13: Even hamburgers become overly surly from too much crappy health care at county hospitals!
  • 03/08/13: Pondering the ways my young imp self might have misjudged The Cat in the Hat.
  • 02/28/13: Certainly a bunch of advice columns from slovenly dregs can improve society!
  • 02/04/13: When life won't let me write, and horribly jumbles my silly dreams.
  • 08/15/12: My road to just saying no to 2 Evils Presidential Candidates, and opting for 3rd Party speakers.
  • 02/14/12: My ode to VD (Valentine's Day, that is), in remembrance of The BB Gang.
  • 02/08/12: Scapegoating is easy, what do I think realistically hurt the Occupy movement?
  • 12/18/11: Mass media fails to tell the difference between Occupy Denver, Elves Revolt, and SantaCon.
  • 10/27/11: Snow Day at Occupy Denver - and the impressively caring community it revealed.
  • 10/24/11: My current so far unresolved breast lump scare, and some of the thoughts that accompany it.
  • 09/01/11: MOHS, Hemochromatosis, and awkwardly grasping the dark humour at a cancer center.
  • 08/31/11: Fallen trees, and psychotic environmentalism Vs trendy environmentalism?
  • 06/23/11: Pressuring the barely 18 year old me, and other women, to get a tubal ligation.
  • 06/05/11: We can't say it's too late to help a 12 year old... we can say we often rather suck at helping.
  • 04/18/11: Who woulda thunk it, I'm actually rabidly excited about an election again!
  • 11/18/10: It's... The Attack of The Infernal Social Networking! What is an anti-social promoter to do?
  • 10/09/09: Having my reality eaten by Cthulhachu, and donating way too much blood to the "contaminated blood" trash bins.
  • 06/14/07: Rediscovering a love for music after the big CPAOD burn-out -- and only causing minor trauma in the process!
  • 06/13/07: Nibbled to death by geese while immobilized, or "Being over-whelmed by pain really hurts!".
  • 06/11/07: Googled again, The Paxil Poster Child Vs The Haloperidol Poster Child. Not that she'll ever learn to drool discreetly.

Info and Pre-Amble:

I always feel bad about not getting around to adding more to this web site. There's a list of things I chronically mean to html, but... that's kind of boring for me, it takes time, I'm lazy, I'm easily distracted, etc, ad nauseum, whatever (insert creative excuse of your choice, or just call me a plain and simple flake).

So, in the mean time (yeah... years, decades...), I figured I could add a train of random useless thoughts of the moment whenever the mood strikes. Nothing near blog calibre (I do not have a blog, nor have I ever wanted one), but hopefully they'll be vaguely interesting and possibly even occasionally useful. These thoughts will VISIBLY EXIST, so at the very least it's a silly little show of convincing myself that I'm doing something by occasionally sitting here doing largely nothing.

Thoughts can be as long as I want, or as short as I need them to be (not too short if I'm giving each date its own page). They don't require much coding (htmling that is, word coding for the sake of not admitting to things can actually take time). I can do it whenever I have a sudden moment of boredom. These entries won't be remotely "polished for publishing". I design my web sites in Notepad (old habit from using VI in unix shells back in the lynx days), and I do not use spell checkers.

If anyone feels like broaching upon these topics, you are welcome to do so via my CPAOD-Discuss mailing list (you're far more likely to get a response there, I lose track of email too often). Please quote whatever you want to respond to, rather than the complete entries. You can also tweet brief comments to me (madamecp).

Background imagery by Amara Sailing, age 11. I asked her to hastily whip out a pencil design for me to scan and use. Sadly, fading it enough to work as a background washed out some of the detail. It does look a bit like my thought processes, though, doesn't it?

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