Mundane Pics of Jasmine Sailing

The Details: I remember one year at Death Equinox when someone met me... face to face... and said she'd only seen my back before. At the time that was probably how it was for most people who hadn't met me in person (or happened to see the colour cover picture of me on the Rocky Mountain News Sunday Spotlight section -- January 23, 1994 -- I was 22 in that photo, though the article erroneously aged me at 26). Pictures of my back in various states of torture were easy enough to find (back then, I wish they were now!).

I still enjoy pictures that don't exactly show me clearly, and you will see some of that tendency. But now I also occasionally use some that DO show me.

And, heck, I'd already been completely naked for a corpse cameo in a film before Death Equinox anyway. When I hosted the local showing of that film's tour I realised that, oh yeah!, my tattoos make me easy to recognise. *blush and hide* *note that I'm not naming film names*

So here's me. Fortunately not in naked not-so-glory, but at least showing more than my back. Sometimes. As best I can (subject to memory or notes) I will arrange these in chronological order.

These pictures are Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0). Feel free to use them, as long as you credit the photographers, list the people in the photos, and (when possible) link this page.

I'll be adding a lot more here, I'm just very very slow.

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Date: Early 1991
Age: 19
Photographer: Dina Gardner (with my camera)
Photo Type: Developed, I scanned it and degritted it some.
Comments: Face paint by Dina Gardner. My arm (and Dina) were painted as well. Maybe I'll eventually scan one of my more complete pictures. I figured if I ever got an account on that evil FB site I would use this but, then, hopefully I'll simply never get an account there.
Date: March, 1993 (World Horror Convention III)
Age: 21
Photographer: Edward Lee (He gave permission for Creative Commons reuse.)
Photo Type: Developed, I scanned it, cropped it, and degritted it some.
Comments: Lucy Taylor and I on the final day of World Horror III in Stamford, Connecticut. Lee asked if he could get a photo of us, and later sent me a copy. Gosh my teeth were nice then. It's interesting to see me in makeup here, this was right around when I quit wearing it (I had none on at the HWA Meeting in New York a couple of months later). I released the 3rd issue of Cyber-Psychos AOD at this convention.
Date: July 3, 2009
Age: 37 (almost 38)
Photographer: Bruce Young (with my camera)
Photo Type: Digital, I cropped it a bit and fixed a light flare on my sandal.
Comments: Altitude sickness can be rough when you're climbing 2 steep flights of stairs at what is supposedly the highest altitude hotel in the country. I decided to take a break with a bear (plus my morning coffee and banana) in between flights. This is at the historic Delaware Hotel in Leadville, Colorado. The day before I'd whimsically said "Let's go to Leadville!", and we charged off unprepared. I bought the flannel at a thrift store there. So goes life with my impulses...
Date: June 22, 2010
Age: 38
Photographer: Bruce Young (with my camera)
Photo Type: Digital.
Comments: On a Redwoods trail (northern California), enjoying one of those moments we should always have of feeling small and insignificant. This was a fair distance from the coast, and if you've seen many Redwoods you know this one is actually quite small and young compared to many of them. It was a rare moment of good lighting, though. And, no, I do not always wear those burgundy flannel pants. I'm wearing grey pants with bunnies on them at this very moment.

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