Jasmine Sailing's Event Journals

Beginning this section: 10/13/09.

Event Journals: def Inane personal rambles about experiences, thoughts, and feelings during the course of "events".

In the past I've written event journals about many things -- ranging from conventions to live music to a simple film outing with friends (ie, the anime one included here). Sooner or later I'm going to dig up some of the other old ones I have lying around, and then I'll (in theory) write some new ones as well. (I'm currently working on a new one... but it's for CPAOD-Chibi #1 rather than for this site. Hopefully you'll read it there!)

Some of the Event Journals I know I have lying around here, if only I can find them, include: Readercon, World Horror Con, and the Bauhaus reunion show (a decade or so ago, I think). Odds are I'll also find others that I don't remember (Odds are... or my wishful odds? Hm!).

And, yes, there'll be some kind of image on this page eventually. It's about as slopped together as a new section can be, for now.

Read These Event Journals at Your Own Risk of Offense or Utter Boredom:

  • 11/28/1999: 4 addled rebels dare to be adults at the Pokemon movie (matinee showing, no less), but carry on their addledness to a more adult anime midnight movie as well. Cthulhachu eats chunks of reality, hitler spews toxic flame chunks, and Arnie Schwarzenegger begs classic Toshiro Mifune characters for a few lice. Or so we imagine, at least.

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