Death Equinox Transportation Basics

Airport to Hotel: Super Shuttle runs regularly from the Denver International Airport to the hotel (with other stops, so make sure you get off at the Capitol Hill Ramada). The price is $17 one way, $32 for a scheduled round trip. The colour of the van, for when you're trying to spot it, is blue.

Local Transporation: The hotel is within a block of 2 major bus lines, and near the crux of every bus line culminating in the downtown area. The hotel itself has a free shuttle service which will take you anywhere within 5 miles, free of charge. This free shuttle service runs from 7am-10pm.

Getting To Colorado: Both Greyhound and Amtrak run through Denver. The two closest airports are 1. Denver, 2. Colorado Springs. The Denver airport is considerably closer, and easier to reach the hotel from, but the other airport can be cheaper to fly to.

Carpooling: Since not everyone can afford to fly (and the bus can be aggravating), we will help coordinate carpools if at all possible. Let us know if you wish to be a driver or rider and we'll see what we can do for you. Calls for carpools, if initiated, are periodically repeated on the Death Equinox News list.

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