Death Equinox '01 Membership Info

Membership fees for Death Equinox '01/Cyber-Psycho Convergence IV in Denver, Colorado. The same dates and prices will apply for the next Death Equinox. Just bump everything up one year in your calculations.

Full Attending Memberships:
At DE '99: $20
Through July 31, 2000: $25
Through November 30, 2000: $30
Through March 31, 2001: $35
Through August 31, 2001: $45
September/Early October 2001: $50
At the door: $55
Partial Memberships: detailed below

Supporting Memberships:
Supporting: $10
Supporting memberships are bought to help the convention continue. They can be upgraded to full attending memberships, or even one day memberships, at any time. This is probably the best option for people who want to attend the convention but aren't yet certain if they actually can.

Please note that we must have an advance membership and registration form for anyone who wishes to be involved in programming. The earlier you register, the more input you can have in the shaping of that year's event. Full attending members are entitled to the freebies being doled out at the convention.

Registration Form: Please fill it out!

How To Pay:

Send payment to: (checks and MOs must be made out to Jasmine Sailing!)
Death Equinox
PO Box 581
Denver, CO 80201 USA

Or use a credit card through paypal or paydirect. The email address to pay is If you pay this way, please email your reg. form info to the same address. Click the paypal logo to sign up if you don't yet have an account.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

I accept payment using Yahoo! PayDirect

Partial Passes:
Thursday: $10
Friday: $20
Saturday: $20
Sunday: $15
Weekend (Friday night through Sunday): $45
Weekend (Saturday through Sunday): $30
Partial Passes don't carry all of the same perqs that full advance registration does. They are moreso for people who have never tried Death Equinox before and need to start themselves off with a light sampling.

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