Death Equinox Hotel Info:
The Ramada Inn Downtown Denver

Hotel Room Rates and Specifics: The DE group rates are $69 for a single, $79 for a double. Room availability will not be guaranteed after the block closing date, which the hotel hasn't given us yet. It would be best to use a credit card for reserving a room ASAP. If you don't have a credit card, try getting someone who does and who trusts you to reserve your room. You can do the actual paying in cash during your stay, if need be.

For reservations call (303)831-7700, or toll free at (877)RAMADA-1. The Ramada Inn Downtown Denver is located at 1150 East Colfax, Denver, CO 80218. Tell them you are with "DE" (please don't use the full name!).

Hotel Amenities: This information is being compiled.

The Vicinity: The hotel is located near downtown Denver. It is in the Capitol Hill area, which is where most of the "alternative" forms of living are found within this state. Accordingly interesting record & clothing & fetish & etc shops are within walking distance of the hotel. There are several bars and restaurants as well. You could easily get a prostitute and some crack if you wanted to, though we would be forced to request that you not let such purchases attend the convention with you. Prostitutes are perfectly welcome as regular attendees, of course, rather than as workers.

Reaching the Hotel: See the transportation page. Hotel shuttle information is included here.

Paranoia Factor: Despite the location, this renovated hotel is trying to build a fairly upscale image. The convention space is holed off well enough by itself, so being there shouldn't be a problem. Parading naked through the lobby wouldn't be a good idea, and you can be fined and/or booted for being too noisy in your guest rooms at too late of an hour. There are back doors, near the parking lot and a big patio, that would be the best convention entrance (you can avoid the lobby, and most of the inner hotel). Chances are DE attendees will be out on the patio, and will be able to tell you where you are going. This will be the second time in a row for the Ramada to be our hotel. In '99, most attendees liked the location so we stuck with it. They gave us no trouble last time, barring the Little Fyodor incident that was provoked by annoying fratboys in the bar.

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