Gadgeteer's Ball Rules

Unlike the Critter Ball and Metric Unlimited Crunch, this is a peaceful event. It is an art show, if you will. Let the Rube Goldberg in you go wild, without fear of getting your prized work smashed in competition!

Note: If there isn't enough pre-registered interest in the competitions, the Gadgeteer's Ball automatically defaults to becoming an open demonstration of miscellaneous gadgets where people can show off anything they've built without having to worry about being judged for quality. It's all in good fun, and mad science...

There will be 4 classes of entrants:

Novice: Anyone who has never competed before. If you have ever competed in a Critter Crunch or similar competition, you must compete in Journeyman Class.

Journeyman: Anyone who has competed in a Critter Crunch or similar competition. If you have ever placed (regardless of whether 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) you must compete in Master Class.

Master: Anyone who has placed in a Critter Crunch or similar competition.

Exhibitionist: Anyone who is ineligible to compete in the contest due to being on staff, or just afraid of failure. This class will not be judged or awarded, but will be allowed to show off their gadgets during the event.

You may compete in classes higher than the one you are required to compete in, but don't be disappointed if you get waxed. We are relying on you to join the appropriate class, and judges reserve the right to "adjust" your classification as they see fit.


All of the safety rules and regulations for the Critter Ball competition, such as perpetrator and spectator safety, OSHA-acceptable power sources, etc. will apply. In addition, Gadgets will not be allowed to damage anyone else's property, without their express permission, or to damage hotel property. Any messes made must be completely cleaned by the perpetrator or by the Gadget.


A panel of judges will be selected to encompass a range of interests, knowledge, artistic tastes, etc. Some will be fellow artists and mad scientists, and some will not. Judging will be on these criteria:

Cleverness- Points for elegant engineering and/or design and/or clever use of materials and/or parts never intended for this purpose.

Weirdness Quotient- this speaks for itself.

Intent- Judges the intention the perp had for building his Gadget - this is a determination of how unique, clever, laudatory, and amusing the perpetrator's "intent" is.

Effectiveness- How good is the creation at accomplishing its stated goal? Note that some perps may have done it for their own satisfaction, "because it had to be done", or other artistic motivation. That's fine. Judges will interview perpetrators and draw their own conclusions.

Gadgeteer's Ball Governing Body:

If you have questions or comments about the rules, or the contest, or if you wish to request the latest version of the rules, please write to:
Death Equinox
Gadgeteer's Ball Rules
PO Box 581
Denver, CO 80201 USA

Or email queries to: or

(If questions become frequently asked, they will be added to a FAQ at this url.)

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