DE '99 Dealers' Descriptions (Incomplete list)

Death Equinox '99
Type: Miscellaneous arts
The DE '99 table will feature arts merchandise related to the Guests of Honour and various people in programming. This will range from books and magazines to CDs and video tapes. The DE '97 and '98 CD-ROMs will also be available there -- as well as early, dirt cheap, pre-registration for DE '99 will also be available there.

Death in Life
Type: Publisher/literary, macabre, curio, occult retailer
The death in life table will feature the dark fiction, poetry, and metaphysical publications of Ocean View Books and Permanence Press, other books on life, death, and disease, macabre art works on paper from the 19th and early 20th centuries, mortuary objects of the Spanish and American traditions, authentic 19th century magician's and secret society robes and hats, portable altars, other religious and magical implements, and old playing cards. Many surprises.

Gene Santagada
Type: Arachnologist
Gene is a professional arachnologist and spider-breeder. He will have about twenty species of spiders with him at the con, in the age ranges of "sub-adults", "spiderlings", and "adults". Most of the spiders are captive born and raised, but a few "wild caught" species will be available. He will feature many rare and unusual spiders, including some of the giant species. Both adults and spiderlings of Theraphosa blondi, the "Goliath Bird eater", the largest spider in the world, from South America will be available. He will also have sub-adults of two species of the giant African "Baboon" spiders. In the realms of colorful or intricately patterned species he will have Poecilotheria regalis, the "Indian Ornamental" rainforest tarantula; Chromatopelma cyanopubescens, the "Green Bottle blue"; and Pterinochilus sp., the "Usumbara Red starburst". There will be budget-priced Vinegaroons as well (the "whip scorpion"), which are venom-less arachnids resembling a cross between spiders and scorpions. Rather than biting or stinging, they shoot a cloud of acetic acid which smells like vinegar. Easy to care for ("beginner" species) as well as the more exotic will be available (for someone who has experience with tarantulas, or reptiles). The price range will be $20-$125.00. General care info-sheets and species specific info sheets are given to all customers who buy a spider. Five different tarantula care books will be available, priced from $6-$25, by American, German, and British authors. Gene will also have plastic terraria for sale, plus posters, and is working on a t-shirt for fellow arachnid enthusiasts. Cages are supplied for all purchased spiders (and bags for the cages, so they can be safely escorted out of con-space without causing heart failure for those who have the misfortune of being leery of 8-legged critters).

Cyber-Psychos AOD
Type: Publisher
"The Magazine of Mental Aberrations" All back issues of Jasmine Sailing's magazine Cyber-Psychos AOD (featuring John Shirley, Don Webb, Brian Hodge, Little Fyodor, Joel Haertling, Gregory R Hyde, Arkoff Kapacitor, John Kerper, Alex Seminara, Gordon Klock, Michael Hemmingson, Jeffrey A Stadt, and many other DE attendees/staff) will be available alongside the various CPAOD books (inc. Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed With Depraved Sex & Violence and Snuff Flique, both by Michael Hemmingson; Star Bones Weep the Blood of Angels by Sue Storm; Stealing My Rules by Don Webb; Stigma: After World Jeffrey A. Stadt; The Hanging Man by S. Darnbrook Colson).

Tantric Lobotomy Commission
Type: Audio/Visual
Tantric Lobotomy Commission specializes in bizarre animation and psychedelic visual back-drops. They've provided the visuals for raves and live music shows for years, as they will be at Death Equinox. Music (from experimental to rock) is also in their realms of creation. Video demos and CDs will be available.

Toxic Broadcast System
Type: Mail-Order Retail
TBS carries books and magazines from several independent publishers of discriminating tastes as well as comics, self-published music in the experimental veins, and various nifty odds 'n' ends. With a mascot like Mr. Torso, you can barely go wrong. TBS bears no resemblance to that other TBS from down South. The TBS catalogue can be found at:

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