Death Equinox '99 Readings

Cyber-Psychos AOD Slam:
Past, present, and future, contributors to Cyber-Psychos AOD are invited to run through this slam reading with excerpts from just about anything (as long as it matches the magazine's intents). Hosted by Jasmine Sailing. Includes Loren Rhoads, Michael Hemmingson, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Gomez, Gene Santagada, Gregory R. Hyde, and Bruce Young. Time: Thursday, 9pm.

Bloodreams/Mind Rot Block Reading:
A block reading for contributors to these anthologies (Mind Rot, Collective Cauldron, and Children of the Shadows). Hosted by Jeffrey A. Stadt. Includes Loren Rhoads, Michael Hemmingson, Gene Santagada, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Friday, noon.

Edward Bryant Reading:
Alternatively known as the "eternal Toastmaster", columnist and fictioneer Ed Bryant has returned to fiction writing with a vengeance and will prove it at his reading. Time: Friday, 4pm.

Gregory R. Hyde Reading:
Despite actively seeking a career change from the mental health field, Greg still writes some of the most darkly mental fiction I've seen. Yet, simultaneously, his humour is typically intact enough to keep readers from becoming overtly immersed in the downside. Time: Friday, 4:30pm.

Lee Ballentine Reading:
Veteran Guest Lee Ballentine will be reading an assortment of his award-winning experimental and Science Fiction poetry, with the accompaniment of suitably related music and projected visuals. Time: Friday, 6:30pm.

Jasmine Sailing Reading:
And it's the annual "Torture the Chair Tyrant" fest. Jasmine will be reading Create in Me, God whilst being cut, burnt, and shocked by a DE assemblage. The story itself will probably be more painful for her than the sharp and heated objects could ever be. Includes Gene Santagada, Gomez, Gordon Klock, and Judy Saxe. Time: Friday, 7pm.

Experimental Poetry:
Block reading. Bring in your loose-form and strange poetry for a brief reading. This block reading is unhosted so you should just barge in and take charge if you feel like doing it. Time: 8:30pm.

Dark Fiction/Poetry:
Block reading. Be it emotively disturbing, atmospherically drenched, or societally foreboding, you can read some of it here. This is an unhosted block reading, so just barge in and take charge if you want to do it. Time: Saturday, 9:30pm.

Brian Hodge Reading:
Veteran Guest Brian Hodge will be reading his new story Now Day Was Fled As the Worm Had Wished, about being a disillusioned American looking for life's meaning in an ancestral homeland that doesn't give two shits for you. The title phrase was stolen from Beowulf. Time: Sunday, noon.

Swapped Minds Block Reading:
Several Death Equinox participants will be randomly selecting texts by other participants to read, and squirming as they try to voice an alien mind-set. We tried this last year, and it was amusing, so we might as well do it again. Time: Sunday, 5pm.

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