Death Equinox '99 Features

Opening Ceremonies:
Howdies from the Master of Toast and Chair Tyrant, free-form speeches from the Guests of Honour. If we're as cuddly as we were the past two years, we'll likely include introductions to a good crop of the audience as well. The Opening Ceremonies happen at 6pm on Thursday, and lead in to the programming (though you can visit the dealers' and art rooms, or mill around with everyone, from noon onward). Includes Jasmine Sailing, R. N. Taylor, Gomez, Bill Llewellin, Edward Bryant, Lee Ballentine, and Little Fyodor. Time: Thursday, 6pm.

The DE '99 Exquisite Corpse:
At the beginning of the convention an exquisite corpse (aka round robin) will begin passing around to anyone who wishes to contribute a written section to it. If it fails to find you on its own you can ask the staff where it is. On Sunday the Corpse will be handed over to the Cartooning Jam participants to have images applied to it. Time: Continuous.

The Ritual for Rebirth:
The official DE ritual is held on the first night to ensure the success of the gathering's magic for those who need it. Mystical things will be said, Bruce Young will play his flute, and Jeffrey A. Stadt will be our Fool who will sacrifice his body and head hair in the names of rebirth and renewal. Time: Thursday, 11pm.

Winona Righteous:
A live music performance, with the accompaniment of visuals by Superstar D. Winona even enchants the jaded heathens with her lovely trained voice, and at times with her violin or piano as well. Though it may be purdy, don't expect just a bunch of sweetness and light to exude from her. Time: Friday, 8pm.

Little Fyodor:
Live music performance, accompanied by the infamous Babushka. Salt them slugs, and get closer to God like a true blessed Idiot. Salt them slugs, and get closer to God like a true blessed Idiot. Being the new Manson of DE, poor Little Fyodor was brutally forced into the foul condition of annual traditionism. He speaks to us in ways we cringe and giggle at... Time: Friday, 10pm.

DJing from the Gutter:
To prevent forcing people into winding down after the bands on Friday night, we will have a DJing session which can last until dawn—or whenever everyone falls asleep on the floor. Various DJs will be taking turns playing an assortment of music by varied artists. Don't rely on this being regular dance club fare. Includes Little Fyodor, Gordon Klock, Robert Ferbrache, R. N. Taylor, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Friday, midnight.

The annual auction is held in support of Death Equinox. Veteran Guest Lee Ballentine, a one-time street vendor with sales deeply imbedded in his blood, instinctively grabbed the gavel at the first DE auction and then developed a habit of it. Previously he's initiated the manic bidding wars over anything from rare Throbbing Gristle records to old Re-Search issues to books desecrated by their authors to odd historical and occult relics. And each year the auction grows... Time: Saturday, 3pm.

Morbid Curiosity Open Mic:
Hosted by Morbid Curiosity editor Loren Rhoads. Several contributors to the magazine will be telling improvised true stories about past morbid curiosity episodes in their lives. And if other people want to come forward with their own experiences, they can. Topic examples include: absinthe, Amsterdam, the aurora borealis, autoerotic stimulation, black mass, cremation, Dachau, DMT, eating, insects, electrocution, endorphins, firewalking, fossils, ghosts, graveyards, heroin withdrawals, Hill of Crosses, House of Death, mescaline, mouldering goat skulls, mortuary science, necrophilia, parochial school, psychic vampirism, self-mutilation, shrines, S/M film-making, tarantulas, thunderstorms, torture museums, and zombie salmon. Participants include R. N. Taylor, Claudius Reich, Michael Hemmingson, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Gene Santagada, Bruce Young, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Saturday, 5pm.

Improvisational Poems:
Lee Ballentine will be on-hand with word stock (from descriptions of German discipline videos, papal bulls, today's newspaper, etc), which he will let anyone who approaches him choose from. He will then use the chosen text to create a poem on the spot, write it in long-hand on a form, and give it to the chooser. This will be running for a couple of hours and everyone is welcome to try him out. We would also like to have some of the poems still floating around for the Cartooning Jam on Sunday. Time: Saturday, 5:30pm.

Oppositional Art in an Age of Commodified Radicalism
A talk by General GoH Larry McCaffery. He will cover the topic of the roll of oppositional art, and the disappearance of radicalism, in an age when such things have become commodified. The range will include the fucked status of average university publishing, to the possibly worse status of publishing in general. Time: Saturday, 6pm.

And Finally...:
Our Master of Oration (aka guest speaker) R. N. Taylor will be giving a lengthy talk about this being the Autumn of the year, of the century, and of the millennium (yes, we are aware that the millennium is ending at the close of '00). He will include the topics of apocalypse and paranoias, and take a stroll down the time line from the turn of the century. First will be observations about the years up to the 50s, then about the second half of century, and he will compare the time periods socially. Following will be a correlation of what this century was about, as well as some future projections. Time: Saturday, 8pm.

An acoutic mini-concert by R. N. Taylor and Robert Ferbrache. Changes was a predecessor to "uber-folk" type bands (ala Death in June, etc) and has recently begun playing out again in various line-ups. Time: Saturday, 9pm.

Cnidarian Worship:
Religious gospel and generally incohesive ramblings from The Blasted One and her High Radiate-Initiates. Radiate-Initiate Sexauer will complete her gruelling ascent to Streethood at these Sermons, and everyone should beware of the Sacred Axe wielding Cnidarians. Come "mentally prepared" for the best enjoyment potential. Visuals provided by St. Klock. Hosted by St. Sailing. Includes St. Young, St. Yardley, St. Klock, St. Stadt, St. James, and St. Hemmingson. Time: Saturday, 10pm.

Tribal Rhythmic Entrainment:
Esoteric music improvisation and primal break-down. Bring your click sticks, drums, didjeridoos, rattles, pipes, etc. This particular event became an all-nighter last year, and is therefore structured toward the end of the Saturday night block of primal demonstration and ecstasy. Unfortunately the fire needs to stay outside. Includes Brian Hodge, Little Fyodor, Babushka, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Jasmine Sailing, and others. Time: Saturday, 11pm.

Live Web Hi:
Sign in on the Death Equinox web site and give your comments. Make everyone who didn't come jealous! The Web Hi tends to happen whenever it happens, which is generally right about when we are all too incohesive to type. We do try, though! Time: Only the Jellyfish know...

Closing Ceremonies:
Everyone tells everyone to quit boozing, go home, and feel miserable for a week. Formally, though. The Closing Ceremonies take place on Sunday evening. Dead dog programming continues running afterward, but everything becomes considerably more entropic. Time: Sunday, 6pm.

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