Death Equinox '99 Demonstrations, Workshops, & Exhibits

Art Room:
Visual art of incredible variety, ranging from horror to surrealism to strange sculpture to experimental photography and so much more. Participants include T. Motley, Rene Farkass, Jane Falkenberg, Mark Mittlestadt, Gordon Klock, Steve James, and Todd Oliver. Content will range from surreal paintings to experimental photography to metallic sculptures to simple acrylics. Most of the exhibited works will be available for purchase, and interested parties need only top the minimum bid on the sheet of paper next to it (and avoid having their bid topped by anyone else). Hours: noon-8pm on Thursday, 11am-6pm on Friday through Sunday. These hours are subject to alteration at the whims of the involved parties.

Dealers' Room:
Available merchandise in the dealers' room this year ranges from Death Equinox paraphernalia to independent press books and magazines to music to fetish and bondage gear. Hours: noon-8pm on Thursday, 11am-6pm on Friday through Sunday. The dealers' room is subject to temporary unscheduled shut-downs, and even re-openings, not to mention late closings, at the unanimous request of the dealers.

Cocooning and Mummification:
Two different methods for attractively wrapping and immobilizing your SO or general play-mate. The hosts will explain each process as they demonstrate (on willing subjects) how they are done. Gomez will be conducting the cocooning demo, and Gene Santagada will be handling the mummification. Includes Judy Saxe and Sarah Moss. Time: Thursday, 10pm.

Whack 'n' Play:
Play party. A low-key show 'n' tell of pain, bondage, and sex toys, to ease perverts and kinks into Death Equinox together or to let them become reacquainted after a year's physical absence. This is an interactive play party so feel free to bring in your toys/equipment and join in.

Creating Animation Workshop:
The varying methods for putting thought to warped image, via computer. Hosted by Tantric Lobotomy Commission, aka Chris Yardley and Gordon Klock. Time: Friday, 5pm.

SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence:
Discussion group/workshop. Is it science, or is it a well-sustained fraud? Either way, most people enjoy the opportunity to seek extraterrestrial intelligence and now we can even participate semi-directly through the SETI@home project. Discuss the angles, look at the data, even bring in your laptop and get set up for joining Team Cnidaria! Includes Gene Santagada, Chris Yardley, and Ron Howerton. Time: Saturday, 4:30pm (though it will be possible to bring in your laptop and get recruited throughout the convention).

Sexual Mechanics:
Demonstrations of fetishistic, kinky, useful, and sometimes dangerous, mechanical sex devices. You may or may not want to try some of these at home. Anyone who has a mechanical (not necessarily electric) sexual device to "show and tell" is welcome to join in. Past years' examples ranged from a clit kisser to a violet wand and tens unit to a functioning rack. What'll '99 bring? Home-made devices tend to be the most interesting (hint, hint). Hosting: interactive. Time: Saturday, 7pm.

Are you interested in self-publishing but intimidated by all of the complications involved? Are you not sure where to get your paper and ink cartridges, how to find reliable printers, or how to handle other details? Or maybe you have trade secrets that you would like to share with your fellow self-publishers. The discussion will suit both types. Hosted by Bruce Young. Time: Saturday, 7pm.

Hector's Cartooning Jam:
Open workshop. Whether you're an artist or writer, feel free to drop by this Cartooning Jam and be put to work. Not only will miscellaneous group projects be plotted, the convention's exquisite corpse and some of Lee Ballentine's improvisational poems will be pitched in for applying images to as well. Hosted by T. Motley. Includes Rene Farkass, Craig Gassen, Tim Winkelman, Gordon Klock, Steve James, Sarah Moss, and others. This will run for at least 2 hours, but participants are not obligated to be there the entire time. Time: Sunday, 2pm.

Gadgeteer's Ball:
A peaceful exhibition of strange, and often useful, home-made mechanical gadgets. Or you might call them kinetic sculptures, if you wish. Anyone is free to bring in gadgets for this demonstration, though it would be helpful if you could notify us beforehand (this isn't necessary, it simply gives us more of a heads up on what will be included). Examples range from mechanical critters to Tesla coils to odd junk sculptures capable of limited motion. Hosting: interactive. Participants include Bill Llewellin, Gomez, Chris Yardley, and Todd Oliver. Time: Sunday, 3pm.

Play Piercing:
Lengthy and numerous needles, inflicting temporary piercings. This time around there will be two piercers, working simultaneously. You would be amazed at how beautifully artistic several needles in someone's back or arm can be. Hosted by Gomez and Gene Santagada, with the assortment of subjects being Claudius Reich, Barbara Griffith, Darlene Sexauer, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Sunday, 7pm.

Death Equinox '97 CD-ROM Demo:
CD designer Ron Howerton, or one of the other CD workers, will be showing off the assortment we included on the Death Equinox '97 multi-media CD-ROM for 3 reasons: nostalgia, a chance for you to see it and buy it, and also as a way to clue attendees in on what they might want to contribute to the later editions. The '97 CD features tons of fiction, non-fiction, film clips, animation, music, art, photos, etc, from participants as well as live A/V footage from the actual convention. And, yes, it seriously is available now. Times: Friday, 6:30pm; Saturday, 1:30pm; Sunday, 1:30pm.

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