Death Equinox '98 Theatre Features

The features ranged from odd movies and cult film to guest appearances from independent film-makers who showed their own films. 1998's feature film-maker was the Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of SubGenius.

Feature Films: Arise! and selected SubGenius footage, including a new documentary of the recent end of the world (X-Day, 1998). Arise! is listed as one of the greatest underground videos of all time, and the X-Day documentary contains a honeying and feathering! What more could a person ask for? That they're by Rev. Ivan Stang? Well, there ya go, you have that as well.

Hector: Both the Hector slide show and the Secrets of Unprofessional Cartooning discussion group happened in the theatre, as both required the projection of comics. They were hosted by T. Motley and Craig Gassen, and revolved a cast of other Hector members and other artists.

Demonstration: An animation creation demonstration, hosted by Tantric Lobotomy Commission and an assorted crew, is held annually (if interest warrants its actualization).

Various: The 1998 theatre became the visual backdrop and auditorium for such features as the SubGenius Devival and spider sex! (ie the tarantula BDSM moments you may or may not have seen pictures of.)

Rev. Ivan Stang is a film-maker and animator whose credits have included The Wad and the Worm (which won numerous awards, including the Cannes Film Festival Silver Chalice), Reproduction Cycle and The World of the Future (both of which were banned from TV in several countries), music videos for Devo, the feature documentary China Run, countless commercials, and a series of PBS specials about Sioux art forms. And this isn't even to mention all of his SubGenius footage...

Hector has been an active comics collective for over 8 years. Their work has appeared in anything from fringe magazines to weekly papers to library review journals. Look for it!

Tantric Lobotomy Commission is a deranged FX and animation team. Their videos are enough to make people believe in the purdy psychedelic worlds of the Jellyfish. For several years they have created film footage, video packages, and live background visuals for raves and music performances. They (Gordon Klock and Chris Yardley) are also head of the visual creation/projection team at Death Equinox.

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