Death Equinox '98 Readings

KW Jeter Reading:
General GoH KW Jeter will be reading from his new novel NOIR (due out from Bantam/Spectra in November). Time: Saturday, 8pm.

Don Webb Reading:
A little candid magic from our previous Sado-magical GoH (not to mention his being a current Veteran GoH and the author of The Double, recently published by St. Martin's Press). Time: Friday, 3:30pm.

Edward Bryant Reading:
Alternatively known as the "eternal Toastmaster", columnist and fictioneer Ed Bryant has recently returned to fiction writing with a vengeance and will prove it at his reading. Time: Friday, 2:30pm. MidSummer's Night Dream. Time: Friday, 6pm.

Lee Ballentine Reading:
Master of Toast Lee Ballentine will be reading an assortment of his award-winning experimental and Science Fiction poetry. Time: Saturday, 2:30pm.

Jasmine Sailing Reading:
And it's the annual "Torture the Chair Tyrant" fest. Jasmine will be reading Of Waxen Figures and Screaming Tombs (due out this November in the Mammoth Book of Historical Erotica) while being cut and burnt by a DE assemblage (includes Don and Rosemary Webb, Gomez, Gordon Klock, and, as the podium, Gene Santagada). Time: Saturday, 5pm.

Morbid Curiosity Open Mic:
This is also a block reading for contributors to the magazine. These will include editrix/hostess Loren Rhoads, Brian Thomas, RN Taylor, Gene Santagada, Michael Hemmingson, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Bruce Young, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Friday, 5pm.

Bloodreams/Mind Rot Block Reading:
A collective reading for contributors to the recent issues of these anthologies (the premiere Mind Rot, plus the Collective Cauldron and Children of the Shadows editions of Bloodreams). Participants will include Host and Editor Jeffrey A. Stadt, Doug Rice, Loren Rhoads, Michael Hemmingson, Gene Santagada, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Saturday, 1pm.

Cyber-Psychos AOD Slam:
Past, present, and future, contributors to Cyber-Psychos AOD are invited to run through this unorganized slam with excerpts from just about anything (as long as it matches the magazine's intents). Hosted by editrix Jasmine Sailing. Includes Michael Hemmingson, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Loren Rhoads, Gene Santagada, and Bruce Young. Time: Thursday, 10pm.

Swapped Minds Block Reading:
Several Death Equinox participants will be randomly selecting texts by other participants to read, and squirming as they try to voice an alien mind-set. Includes: Brian Hodge, Doug Rice, Michael Hemmingson, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Jasmine Sailing, and Gene Santagada. Time: Sunday, 6pm.

Experimental Poetry Block Reading:
Bring in your loose-form and strange poetry for a brief reading. Time: Saturday, 4:30pm.

Dark Fiction/Poetry Block Reading:
Be it emotively disturbing, atmospherically drenched, or societally foreboding, you can read some of it here. Time: Saturday, 9pm.

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