Death Equinox '98 Panels & Discussion Groups

Arts/Industry Panels

The Writer and the Subconscious Mind: Stream-lining your subconscious into your fiction, and the means for accomplishing this. Moderated by Jeffrey A. Stadt. Includes: T. Motley, Craig Gassen, Loren Rhoads, Edward Bryant, and Lee Ballentine. Time: Thursday, 7:30pm.

The Country Brand of Horror: The psychology of automatically linking fear to the countryside (be it in relation to wild predators, inbred rednecks, lack of nearby help, or general isolation). Moderated by Edward Bryant. Includes: Rev. Ivan Stang, Don Webb, Loren Rhoads, Gregory R. Hyde, and Craig Gassen. Time: Saturday, 11am.

Artistic Childhood Influences: Books you read, films you watched, and how they did a number on your head. Moderated by Doug Rice. Includes T. Motley, Loren Rhoads, H.L. Ayres, Craig Gassen, and Gregory R. Hyde. Time: Saturday, 3pm.

Artistry & the Left Hand Path: Using Art forms as a Path of Knowledge, utilizing Subjective Creation to affect the real world, & exercising the deamons within through Art. Moderated by H.L. Ayres. Includes Don Webb, Winter Marchosias, Gary Day, and Eric Armstrong. Time: Sunday, 3pm.

Societal Panels

Tales of the Busted: Close calls, false arrests, and friendly encounters with our neighborhood peace officers. Moderated by Michael Hemmingson. Includes Rev. Ivan Stang, Brian Thomas, Chris Yardley, Blake Thompson, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Thursday, 9pm.

Reprogramming Your Own Reality: Methods and results in stripping the mind down and recreating it in preferable ways. Moderated by Jeffrey A. Stadt. Includes Brian Hodge, Darlene Sexauer, Chris Yardley, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Friday, noon.

Mastering the Kundalini Serpent: Magick, spiritualism, S/M, and energies. Moderated by Don Webb. Includes Rosemary Webb, Winter Marchosias, and Jeffrey A. Stadt. Time: Friday, 1:30pm.

Hallucinogenics: Godsend or Menace?: Addiction remedies, mental reprogramming, emotional processing, enlightenment, and bad trips. Moderated by Jasmine Sailing. Includes R.N. Taylor, Brian Hodge, Loren Rhoads, Gene Santagada, and Michael Hemmingson. Time: Friday, 2:30pm.

Dualism/Non-Dualism: Balancing between good and evil, following the middle path, or disbelieving in polar definitions. Moderated by Lee Ballentine. Includes Brian Hodge, Gregory R. Hyde, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Jasmine Sailing, and Darlene Sexauer. Time: Saturday, noon.

Paranoia Panels

Stroking The Demon: Sex with incubi, succubi, aliens, moth men, and giant man-eating sponges. Moderated by Michael Hemmingson. Includes Rev. Ivan Stang, Friday Jones, Gordon Klock, and Gene Santagada. Time: Friday, 4pm.

Art Bell & His Late-Night Kooks: Paranoia, conspiracy, and disinformation on the airwaves. Moderated by Michael Hemmingson. Includes Michael S. Smith, Gene Santagada, Bruce Young, and Chris Yardley. Time: Friday, 11pm.

Millennial Fever: Is it the end of the world, or merely a once per thousand years mass panic attack? Moderated by Brian Hodge. Includes Rev. Ivan Stang, Gordon Klock, Gene Santagada, Bruce Young, and Jasmine Sailing. Time: Sunday, 1:30pm.

Discussion Groups

Mind Control: Are our minds being controlled by the powers of the hypno-ray, v-chips, and lasers? Hosted by Gordon Klock and Bruce Young.

The Dreaming: Dreams, night terrors, astral visions, and techniques for recalling these images of your subconscious. Hosted by Jeffrey A. Stadt and Darlene Sexauer. Time: Saturday, 6pm.

Larks In An Owl World: A morning panel for those early risers who somehow manage to survive life in the nocturnal scenes. Hosted by Don and Rosemary Webb, and Loren Rhoads. Time: Friday, 11am.

Secrets of Unprofessional Cartooning: This will be an informal discussion, hosted by T. Motley and Craig Gassen about the theory and practice of comic art as we enter the new millennium. Time: Sunday, 3:30pm.

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