Live Music at Death Equinox '98

Music will be covered via live performance from such bands as the now traditional Little Fyodor & Babushka, plus new additions like Winona Righteous. Tribal Rhythmic Entrainment has also been declared DE tradition and will, therefore, happen again. Also on the open music field will be an electronics improvisation.

Little Fyodor: Little Fyodor's two main releases are Dance of the Salted Slug and Idiots are Closer to God. Both titles say a lot about Little Fyodor and Babushka live. The latter title sums up the aire, the former title is an ode to an actual dance that he does for the audience. You have to see it. Ever-so-wonderful songs include: I am Insane and Oh God I Feel Like Shit. No matter how much you don't want to, you can always relate to Little Fyodor. I tried, very unsucessfully, to describe him once and came up with this: "Take life's pressure points, try to look at them with a minimalistic yet completely twisted outlook, remove all chirpy optimism, add a blunt form of convolution. No, that doesn't make sense." Little Fyodor went over sooo well at DE '97 ("He's speaking to me!") that people were asking if he could play every night AND become an annual tradition. We compromised (for his sake) and declared the latter.

Winona Righteous: (Says Little Fyodor) Winona Righteous knows how to sing, and she knows how to write melodies; some of which are downright sing-songy, almost like show tunes, meanwhile they describe such things as being consumed by a snake, suffering adolescent sexual neuroses, retreating from Mom's scolding into menacing fantasies, and The Black Coffin. Winona cites as her mature influences Kate Bush, Danielle Dax, and The Legendary Pink Dots, though she also bears the scars of her early influences: the Carpenters, Baptist hymns, classical training, and childhood traumas. She says her soul hails from a distant galaxy and that her purpose on this dying planet is to sing and play her songs of the trials and tribulations of her assimilation into the hostile human race; and to share her message of peace, love, and bizarre sexual ritual in hope that the human race may still be saved. Her releases include Welcome To The Diskumfort Nursery and Winona Righteous Sings.

Tribal Rhythmic Entrainment: An esoteric music improvisation and primal break-down. This will be headed by people who are actually accustomed to playing tribal music and clatter, but everyone is invited to join in with click sticks, drums, didjeridus, rattles, pipes, etc. If you can't play, you can add your body to the frenzy. DE '97's Entrainment session lasted for 6+ hours and was so utterly enjoyable for reasons I shouldn't state that we knew it had to become a tradition. Besides, these types of things only improve with time.

DJing and Improv: To prevent forcing people into winding down after the bands on Friday night, we will have a DJing and improv session which can last until dawn--or whenever everyone falls asleep on the floor (like they did during TRE last year). Numerous experienced musicians will be bringing in their equipment to join the cacophonous jam. Likewise, compilations will be present for the times when everyone simply wants to relax and dance.

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