Death Equinox '98 Demonstrations, Workshops, & Exhibits

Art Room: 1998's art room featured work by T. Motley, Craig Gassen, Vyle Raven-Greyv, HL Ayres, Gordon Klock, Judy Saxe, Steve James, and an assorted cast of others. Content ranged from surreal paintings to experimental photography to kinetic junk sculptures to simple acrylics.

Dealers' Room: Available merchandise in the 1998 dealers room ranged from Death Equinox paraphernalia to independent press books and magazines to music to spiders of numerous varieties (including many "giants") to archaic occult curios to SuBgenius goodies to shackles, whips, and daggers to t-shirts and buttons.

Creating Animation Workshop: The varying methods for putting thought to warped image, via computer. Hosted by Tantric Lobotomy Commission. Time: Sunday, 2:30pm.

Play Piercing: Lengthy and numerous needles, inflicting temporary piercings. Hosted by Gomez, with Gene Santagada and Jasmine Sailing as subjects. Time: Saturday, 10pm.

Strapped into the Bondage Board...: The bondage board is a human-shaped, red velvet-covered, board with 200 hooks and cords for fastening the participant in. After they become immobilized, the range of things which can be tried on them is vast... Hosted by Gomez, with Sarah Moss as the subject. Sarah also allowed Gene Santagada to use her for demonstrating a tarantula BDSM scene while she was strapped down. Time: Sunday, 7pm.

Fire Breathing/Eating: Obviously this is a demo since a 4 day workshop on the subject wouldn't quite cut it. Hosted by David Denney. Time: Saturday, 11pm.

Blueprint Critique: Workshop. Get your blueprints for mechanical gadgets scrutinized by habitual tinkers. Includes Gomez, Chris Yardley, and Bruce Young. Time: Saturday, 3pm.

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