1998 Idiot Savant Award Recipients

The Idiot Savant arts industry awards are currently given annually at the Death Equinox convention. Following is the list of award recipients from Death Equinox '98 (having been held October 1-4). All pre-registered con attendees are welcome to vote in these awards.

Most Bizarrely Schizophrenic
(Serialized comic by John Kerper in Cyber-Psychos AOD.)

Most Disturbingly Emotive
Elysian Fields
(Novel by Jessica Erica Hahn from Passing Through Publications.)

Most Intellectually Evocative
Morbid Curiosity #1
(Magazine edited by Loren Rhoads from Automatism Press.)

Most Sadistic & Depraved
Fresh Dead Bird Satellite
(CD by Gordon Klock from Infinite 7.)

Most Perversely Arousing
Judy Saxe's back at DE '97
(An actual back, very prettily pierced and laced.)

Most Relentlessly Psychotic
Stigma: Afterworld
(A novella by Jeffrey A. Stadt.)

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