Live Web Hi From Death Equinox '97

Here are the initial reports from the drunken tripping fucked up TV Axe smashers.

God... smash one TV with an axe and you suddenly get a bad reputation that dogs you for the duration. I mean, just because a little glass flies into someone's eye, or Jasmine just happens to take out part of the hotel's blinds....

I dunno. Just count me out of the litigation. I wasn't even here. And I especially never held that axe. Several times.

Brian Hodge

gut crushing establishment busters inhabit this space witnessed TV death by axe and the philosophy of media burn took some heat. pleased to be counted here in Death Equinox


This has been a strange realm created by Jasmine and the rest of the Cyber-Psychos. I've tried my best to keep up with the mob of chaotic thrill seekers here but my cowardice is still holding me back. I did my best to hide the axe though(g).

Mike Smith

Thinking, feeling, typing. The axe can be a powerful tool in Cnidaria's arsenal. The importance of its usage (potential OR actual) in the pseudo-systematic detruction of the evil "hypno-ray" device can not be understated. If properly utilized, it can help to begin the de-programming of consumerist-destructivist society and help put humanity back on a path which maybe, with a LOT of hard work (and tentacle licking) can save us from the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes which is certain to suck very badly for us humans if it occurs. The "hypno-ray" device, cleverly disguised as a meaningful and pleasant distraction from the bothers and sensations of Real Life(tm) is in actuality an anti-Cnidarian propaganda machine which utilizes hidden and distasteful techniques to encourage the ongoing destruction of the Cnidarian nature preserve. While it is true that certain Cnidarian agents have infiltrated the "hypno-ray" programming and writing, and animation departments and production facilities, they are still vastly outnumbered by their evil counterparts. So remember, axes can be our friends, and should be used when appropriate.

St. Yardley, Guardian of the Mystical Axe

Sumpin' bad happened to Schwann's comment, and I don't know what. See, we've been too lost in other dimensions to do the web hi, and I seem to have glass in my eye anyway. So we stumbled over here, and now no one can remember how to type and I just zapped half of Schwann's comments. I give up. We'll put up posts later. Let's go get another...


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