Death Equinox '97 Readings

John Shirley Reading: A ranting improv reading from the Guest of Honour and author of Silicon Embrace.

Don Webb Reading: Candid humour in the most horrifying sense. Look for those sado-magickal roots in an insidiously charming form.

Brian Hodge Reading: Depressing yet hopeful, intellectually evocative, what more could you ask for?

Edward Bryant Reading: He may toastmaster every convention known to man, but he can most certainly read as well as speak.

Gregory R Hyde Reading: Bring in the new millennium with gothic imagery.

M Christian Reading: Erotica from the author of The Rites of Spring.

Thomas Roche Reading: Dark fiction from the editor of the Noirotica anthologies.

PD Cacek Reading: The actual solo reading from the woman with the highest block reading qualification ratio!

Trey R Barker Reading: Radio-play-writer Trey also has a knack for exciting Irish cult followings with his fiction. You need not be Irish to enjoy this though.

Lee Ballentine Reading: Dark poetry from the award-winning author of Dream Protocols.

Trace Reddell Reading: High weirdness in the avant-pop vein.

Christopher Morris Reading: It's not often that you get to hear one of David Bowie's ex backup singers read live anymore. Make sure Abe isn't in this story...

Rob Hardin Reading: Rob (previously in such bands as Pillbox, 22 Brides, and PiL) provides his own musical accompaniment while reading excerpts from his novel Distorture.

Doug Rice Reading: Doug will be supplying transgendered insanity video collage for to accompany his reading of excerpts from his Jesse Helms-reviled novel Blood of Mugwump.

Jasmine Sailing Reading: An "interactive demonstration of why you should not let people touch you" torture-fest (featuring Don Webb, Brian Hodge, M Christian, Gene Santagada, and Judy Saxe) has been plotted for Jasmine's reading of Without Pain, Without Death. Carnal alchemy live.

Michael Hemmingson Reading: This is part of the Cnidarian Sermons block (the second half) and will include highly graphic video accompaniment for Michael's reading of the equally graphic Secret Code of the Jellyfish Clan from Snuff Flique.

Jeffrey A. Stadt Reading: Jeff and Darlene Sexauer will be dueting on a reading from his new book, Stigma: After World, for reasons that you will likely have to attend to learn.

Gene Santagada Reading: Yes, even arachnologists can write fiction. And perverse fiction for that matter.

Whitley Strieber's Aliens: Block reading. Includes Edward Bryant, PD Cacek, and Trey R Barker.

Noirotica 1-3 Slam: Block reading. Includes Thomas Roche, Brian Hodge, M Christian, Trey R Barker, and PD Cacek. Anyone who has had fiction accepted for any of the 3 volumes of Noirotica can join in.

Black Ice Books: Block reading. Includes Rob Hardin and Doug Rice.

Cyber-Psychos AOD Slam: Block reading. Anyone who has been or will be in Cyber-Psychos AOD can dash through for a brief reading.

Permeable Press Slam: Block reading. Anyone who has ever been published by Permeable Press should run in here to read a few words. Or a few more.

Hot Blood Slam: Block reading. Anyone who has been in Hot Blood, Hotter Blood, etc, is welcome to join in.

Experimental Poetry Forum: Bring in your loose-form and strange poetry for a brief reading.

Dark Poetry Forum: Be it emotively disturbing, or societally foreboding, you can read some of it here.

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