Death Equinox '97 Panels & Discussion Groups

Arts/Industry Panels

Music in Literature: From plugging bands, or creating them, in fiction to using their sound and imagery as inspiration. Includes Edward Bryant, Brian Hodge, Trace Reddell, Rob Hardin, Trey R Barker, and Thomas Roche.

Musical Experimentation, Sans Samplers: Weirdness via theremins, tape slicing, feedback machines, classical instruments, and other less convenient means. Includes Little Fyodor, Babushka, Gordon Klock, and Chris Yardley.

Graphic Sex Appeal: How do they write it, why do they get off on reading it, which traumas accentuate it? Includes Brian Hodge, Jeffrey A Stadt, Edward Bryant, Dawn Dunn, and PD Cacek.

Where Has The Creepiness In Horror Gone?: Violence and gore replaced it, where can it still be found? Includes Brian Hodge, Brian Hodge, Jeffrey A Stadt, Edward Bryant, Dawn Dunn, and PD Cacek.

Avant-Pop: Exploiting the mainstream. Includes Michael Hemmingson, Christopher Morris, Don Webb, Trace Reddell, Rob Hardin, and Doug Rice.

Noir: Dark and Bleakly Pessimistic: From film noir to new noir. Includes: Thomas Roche, M Christian, Rob Hardin, Trey R Barker, and Edward Bryant.

Fear And Loathing: Charting The Depths of Despair: Emotional extremes relating to creative endeavors. Includes Brian Hodge, Jasmine Sailing, Gordon Klock, Jeffrey A Stadt, Darlene Sexauer, and Michael Hemmingson.

Transgendered Writing: Becoming the opposite sex, or expressing your own transgendered nature, through writing. Includes Edward Bryant, Doug Rice, Trey R Barker, Thomas Roche, PD Cacek, and Gomez.

Editors Dream Of Homicide: What are they REALLY thinking while writing those cordial letters? Includes Jasmine Sailing, M Christian, Lee Ballentine, and Thomas Roche.

Societal Panels

The Pitfalls and Pluses of Drug Use: Some are helpful, some are medicinal, some just screw you up. Includes John Shirley, Jasmine Sailing, Michael Hemmingson, Gene Santagada, and Chris Yardley.

Hallucinogenics: Godsend and Menace: Addiction remedies, mental reprogramming, emotional processing, and bad trips. Includes Schwann, Jasmine Sailing, Judy Saxe, Gordon Klock, and Michael Hemmingson.

Social Future: Miserable anarchy or one-world government? Includes Michael Hemmingson, John Shirley, Jasmine Sailing, Brian Hodge, and Gregory R Hyde.

The Psychology of Murder: Serial killers, mass murderers, survivors, vigilantes. Includes Thomas Roche, Rob Hardin, Jeffrey A Stadt, Gregory R Hyde, Trey R Barker, and Dawn Dunn.

Psychologies of S/M: Personality reversal (domineering subs), sexual trauma submissiveness, endorphin addiction, etc. Includes Gomez, Jasmine Sailing, M Christian, Thomas Roche, and Judy Saxe.

Roots of Pain: A beginner's guide to painful sex. Includes M Christian, Judy Saxe, Jasmine Sailing, and Gene Santagada.

Ultra-Kinks: Am I the only one who likes.... Includes M Christian, Gomez, Judy Saxe, and Thomas Roche.

Techno-Spirituality: The magic in the internet. Includes Don Webb, Paula Guran, Chris Yardley, and Schwann.

Synchronicity: Entropy, and the magic of moments. Includes Don Webb, Jeffrey A Stadt, Jasmine Sailing, and Lee Ballentine.

Patchwork Legendary: The annexing, borrowing, conquesting, and warping of legends and mythologies throughout history. Includes Don Webb, Jeffrey A Stadt, Brian Hodge, Trey R Barker, Lee Ballentine, PD Cacek

Shrinks and Bad Medicine: The amazingly helpful powers of psychiatrists. Includes Jasmine Sailing, Gordon Klock, Darlene Sexauer, Gregory R Hyde, and Judy Saxe.

Paranoia Panels

UFOs and UFO Cults: Did the grey aliens abandon Roswell for Heaven's Gate, or is something really happening out beyond our atmosphere? Includes John Shirley, Michael Hemmingson, Gene Santagada, Greg Bishop, Edward Bryant, Mike S. Smith.

Galactic Menace: Real and contrived threats from beyond our atmosphere. Includes Gene Santagada, Gordon Klock, Chris Yardley, Bruce Young, Mike Hemmingson, and Mike S. Smith.

Cnidarians Amongst Us: Have you revered your Jellyfish lately? Moderated by The Blasted One herself (flee in terror). Includes Jasmine Sailing (The Blasted One), Gordon Klock, Michael Hemmingson, Bruce Young, Chris Yardley, and Gene Santagada.

Zapped by the Hypno-Ray: Conspiracy and mind-control via the hypno-ray and other mass media. Includes Chris Yardley, Gordon Klock, Bruce Young, Jasmine Sailing, and Greg Bishop.

Exorcisms And Mind Waves: How much reality lies within the Paranormal? Includes John Shirley, Jeffrey A Stadt, Michael Hemmingson, and Darlene Sexauer.

Revelations: Mayan calendar, Cayce, doom-sayers, growing Apocalyptic obsession. Includes Gordon Klock, Brian Hodge, Bruce Young, and Paula Guran.

Discussion Groups

Metaphorical Communication via Dark Fiction: What are you trying to say, or what are you saying without realizing it? Hosted by Gregory R Hyde.

DNA Manipulation and Mutation: evolution, mutations, and genetic manipulation. Hosted by Michael Pearce.

The Future of Independent Comics: Hosted by Bruce Young.

Mastering the Kundalini Serpent: Magick, spiritualism, S/M. Co-Hosted by Judy Saxe and Jasmine Sailing.

CIA: Can any of the accusations against the CIA be proven? Hosted by Greg Bishop.

Cyber-Stalking: First it was fiction, now it's hitting the news. How does it happen? Hosted by Michael Hemmingson.

Environmental Issues: How our earth is being destroyed, and what can be done about it. Hosted by Babushka.

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