Death Equinox '97 Features

Opening Ceremonies:
Howdies from the Master of Toast and Chair Tyrant, free-form speeches from the Guests of Honour.

Left Hand Path vs Right Hand Path:
A candle-lit and meditated debate between Don Webb and John Shirley on the virtues of left hand and right hand belief systems, and about their interactions in society.

Burroughs Retrospective:
Personal reflections on the effects and influences of William S. Burroughs in our lives. Includes Don Webb, Brian Hodge, Trace Reddell, Gordon Klock, John Kerper, and Bruce Young.

Cnidarian Worship:
Sermons from The Blasted One, and other High Radiate-Initiates, followed by the Cnidarian panel. "Behold the Blessed Cnidaria, or Beget the Fiery Rain of Cnidocytes." St. Michael Hemmingson's reading is also part of the Cnidarian block. Come "mentally prepared" for the best enjoyment potential. Visuals provided by Tantric Lobotomy Commission.

Arachnids I:
Arachnologist Gene Santagada begins his three part lecture about spiders from around the world. Part one focuses on those which are which are easiest to care for, including tarantulas and vinegaroons. Living examples will be present.

Arachnids II:
Part two of Gene Santagada's spider lectures includes fairly easy to care for exotic spiders. This is where you begin to see more colour and variety in the live specimens.

Arachnids III:
Part three of Gene Santagada's spider lectures is the expert level level of home spider maintenance, otherwise known as "So you think you want a goliath bird eater?". Yes, the spiders are present. No, they will not be running free.

Edward Bryant Omni Interviews:
Ed hosts interviews on the Omni web site every Thursday. This week he'll be interviewing Melanie Tem from Death Equinox. Pop in, see if you can contribute a question.

Live Web Hi:
Sign in on the Death Equinox web site and give your comments. Make everyone who didn't come jealous! Give your new friends something to remember the weekend's atrocities by!

Panther Moderns:
Live music performance from John Shirley's current band. Look for the overly messy, sticky, and wet sacrifice to Bob! Projected visuals provided by Tantric Lobotomy Commission.

Live music performance from the previous members of LD-50. Atmospheric, psychedelic, and heavily perceptual.

Little Fyodor: Live music performance, accompanied by the infamous Babushka. Salt them slugs, and get closer to God like a true blessed Idiot. Projected visuals provided by Tantric Lobotomy Commission.

Live music performance (well, kinda/sorta). Highly noisy, heavily visual, seriously distorted. Mental preparation is a good thing, but watch out for the mice.

Tribal Rhythmic Entrainment:
Esoteric music improv and primal break-down. Bring your click sticks, drums, didjeridoos, rattles, pipes, etc. As this was called for by Guest of Honour Brian Hodge, and we'll be hitting his birthday around wrap-up time, maybe we can sneak in getting him to do a didjeridoo solo! Or otherwise find ways to embarrass him...

Theremin Cacophony:
A concert for theremin composers. Practiced theremin composers can do their own sets, and unpracticed theremin fans can make obnoxious noise through the wee hours. Ear plugs?

John Niernberger:
John will be showing his 29 minute film The Happy Guy, alongside giving a talk about it (and his film-making in general). "Civilization is collapsing. One man, desiring immortality, videotapes himself with the hope it will be discovered by a hi-tech future civilization. Years later, at the hands of a jealous madman, he has become the sole method of entertainment for the somber human race. He has become The Happy Guy."

Art Show:
The art room is open for all 4 days of the convention. Exhibits range from bizarre metal sculpture to horrific illustration to surreal paintings. Participants included are Eric Turnmire, Gordon Klock, Todd Oliver, John Haley, Babushka, and many others.

Dealers' Room: The dealers' room is open for all 4 days of the convention. Items for sale include small press publications, tarantulas and assorted arachnids, occult items, and various other esoteric curiosities.

The annual auction happens on the final day of Death Equinox and is aimed at keeping the convention from going bankrupt. It needs all the help it can get. Lee Ballentine acts as the emcee and coerces bids for anything from tarot cards to odd occult relics to rare Throbbing Gristle records to collectors' books in the genre veins.

Closing Ceremonies: Everyone tells everyone to quit boozing, go home, and feel miserable for a week. Formally, though. (Sunday evening. Includes John Shirley, Brian Hodge, Edward Bryant, and Jasmine Sailing.) Dead dog programming begins running after the closing ceremonies, but will be somewhat more entropic.

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