1997 Idiot Savant Award Recipients

The Idiot Savant arts industry awards are currently given annually at the Death Equinox convention. Following is the list of award recipients from Death Equinox '97 (having been held October 2-5). All pre-registered con attendees are welcome to vote in these awards.

Most Disturbingly Emotive
The Convulsion Factory
(Fiction collection by Brian Hodge from Silver Salamander Press.)

Most Intellectually Evocative
A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire
(Fiction collection by Don Webb from Black Ice Books.)

Most Sadistic & Depraved
(Novel by Lance Olsen from Wordcraft of Oregon)

Most Perversely Arousing
Blood of Mugwump
(Novel by Doug Rice from Black Ice Books.)

Most Relentlessly Psychotic
Ron Post
(From the Post Bros comics by Matt Howarth.)

Most Bizarrely Schizophrenic
It's a Quaintly Weird World We Live In
(Essay by Jasmine Sailing in Q 1.3 (3rd issue) from Permeable Press.)

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