Stigma: AfterWorld
by Jeffrey A. Stadt

Introduction by Michael A. Arnzen
Illustrations by t. Winter-Damon
ISBN 1-886988-02-1
For Mature Readers

Excerpts are coming shortly. For now...

Robert (Bobby) Neville and Ben are at it again, this time pseudo- fornicating through glass coffin doors. Stigma takes you deep within the soul of madness, and deep within that core which continues to care no matter how much a dangerous (both physically and emotionally) world causes it to wish for a shrivelled and anonymous death. Feeling with this book will cause looks of abject terror on the faces of those who realize that the person in front of them (ie you) actually happens to be deranged enough to relate to the contents. There's one thing they should know, though: we're all that deranged, somewhere inside. Fortunately Mr. Frosty is here to guide us through our insanity.

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