Back Cover Blurbs: Star Bones Weep the Blood of Angels by Sue Storm

"A pretty fucking brilliant writer." -- Jeff Vandermeer, editor of Leviathan

"Sue Storm catches the interaction of the spirit world and the daily life world, in both light and dark aspects, with exceptional authenticity." -- Uncle River, editor of Xizquil

"Sue Storm is an exceptional writer of importance who employs the disturbing and acerbic to charm and rock us like whispers of unsettling lullabyes. No single genre is wide enough for the crux of her tales: supernatural horror, fantasy, magical realism, or speculative fiction, she works outside the laws and parameters of common insanities and habitual nightmares. A deft surgeon of the macabre, she is precise in her skills and practice, sewing together madness, humor, and the chillingly weird, to breathe life into creatures that do more than simply take over our world -- they gleefully invite, entice, seduce, and ultimately drag us into theirs." -- Tom Piccirilli, Pocket Books author of Dark Father

" Sue Storm's writing is treacherously sincere. The characters she creates are people you recognize... at least that is what you think at first, until you realize the reflections you see describe aspects of yourself. When something happens in the story, it happens to you. It is the personal nature of her writing that I like best, the unquestionable power she has over her readers. Sue Storm's fiction is a dark obsessive kiss you can still taste on your lips at night as you go to sleep, one you know you will hunger for when you wake." -- Wayne Edwards, editor of Palace Corbie

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