Back Cover Blurbs: Snuff Flique by Michael Hemmingson

"Snuff Flique -- A pinch of irritant to be yet inhaled; a faux-Francais visual sleight-of-hand. Together a portent of Times That Are, Times To Come, & a justification for The Fiery Rain. Yet in all of this is pain for The Innocent & pain for You -- DO NOT LOOK AWAY! -- in the realization of how much You should enjoy the mutual fear, suffering, & degradation -- and that it brings You pleasure..." -- The Joey Zone (SF Eye), from "the introduction by Larry McCaffery"

"Hemmingson is a fearless writer; his stories frighten me. His tales vibrate to a dreadfully dark chord of romance. And his imagination cuts like a chainsaw through a bunny." -- Peter Gelman (author of Flying Saucers Over Hennepin)

"Hemmingson's stories pack a hell of a punch and show no mercy -- you won't find anything else quite like them." -- Thomas Roche (editor of Noirotica)

"Within Hemmingson's fiction is an oddly twisted brand of sin and redemption. His characters are overwhelmed by their sins and bring out justice upon themselves, or other characters enact the karma for them." -- Daniella Mays-Anderson (American Book Review)

"Hemmingson's writing skips from realism to fable and through time and space with no strain. His confident imagination... [is] borderline sadistic and playful..." --Anne Marie Welsh (San Diego Union-Tribune)

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