Back Cover Blurbs: Nice Little Stories Jam-Packed With Depraved Sex & Violence by Michael Hemmingson

"Mike Hemmingson is Raymond Carver on acid." -Larry McCaffery, editor of AVANT-POP: Fiction for a Daydream Nation

"Mike Hemmingson is one of the most compelling voices of the Avant Pop. His bold vision and narrative voice never flinches. His work is driven by a desire to tell it like it is to the twentieth power -- to drop reality to its knees and slap it in the face a few times -- to gross you inside-out and make you lick up your own disjecta membra. Because he knows. Mike Hemmingson knows, and we would all do well to pay attention to what he has to say, no matter how disturbing it may be." -- Mike Arnzen, Dell/Abyss author of Grave Markings

"Hemmingson is possessed of genius, which is damn unfortunate, because the world prefers to recognize genius long after the fact. Reading this book opens the Gates to Hell. Fundamentalists, secular humanists, and the politically correct are urged to buy this book in great quantities so that they can make it an ex-text. The world is not safe while this is in print." -- Don Webb, author of Uncle Ovid's Exercise Book

"Michael Hemmingson is one sick, drooling, hunch-backed, black-hearted wretch of a human being who writes like a dark angel. Stay away from him. Avoid him at all costs. Get the kids off the streets. But read his prose. You'll die a horrible death if you don't. Of course, you'll probably die a horrible death anyway." -- Lance Olsen, author of Tonguing the Zeitgeist

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