Reviews of The Hanging Man
by S. Darnbrook Colson

(1 review: Factsheet Five)

(From Factsheet Five)
Presenting a new twist in the distopia genre, S. Darnbrook Colson's novella is nothing short of compelling. The plot centers on Marta, a member of the Estavan pack, one of many packs carving out territory in and around a ruined city. The sister of the pack leader, Marta longs to escape the constrictions of her current life and roam the night like the stars she gazes upon from the rooftop of her pack's six-story living quarters. The catalyst for her course of action is the hanging man, a rogue prisoner her brother, Raphael, is slowly torturing down in the basement. The dysfunctional backdrop echoes The Road Warrior but stands on its own as a tight and intensely cynical view of human nature. Colson does a remarkable job fitting everything within the confines of sixty-two pages displaying a cocise, compact prose style that is highly enjoyable.

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