Back Cover Blurbs: The Hanging Man by S. Darnbrook Colson

"The barbarians aren't any more noble than the civilized folk; in fact, almost all of the characters are verminous scum that deserve a cleansing blast of napalm in the face." --Paul T. Riddell (author of Squashed Armadillocon) from the introduction

"Colson, in glee and with the cruelest cunning, flenses the skin off the most sensitive parts of your anatomy and then further revels to titillate the raw, exposed, nerves. Unpleasant, ghastly, even tragic in its effect upon the reader, yet keenly provocative. Doom in June, yet brimming with a dark and vibrant spirithood. One thing I can always be sure of: if the book in my hands has Colson's name on it I ready myself to be deeply, ultimately, disturbed. And this melting pot of irreducibly slow torture and trip-hammer-fast vision proves to be yet another rock-solid block in the wall of this man's stunning fund of work." --Edward Lee (author of Ghouls, Succubi, and The Bighead)

"When the ravers stop their screaming, the only voice they hear is that of S. Darnbrook Colson: whispering conspiratorially." --Wayne Allen Sallee (author of The Holy Terror)

"S. Darnbrook Colson's prose is unrelenting yet strangely seductive, mirroring our inner demons and darkest fears." --Lisa Jean Bothell (Three-Stones Publications)

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