Back Cover Blurbs: The Forbidden Gospels of Man-Cruel Volume II by t. winter-damon and Randy Chandler

"I've never read fiction told so uniquely. Too often authors use abstraction and stylistic obscurity as a stunt, but here the affront to conventionality becomes an integral part of the work's spirit -- producing an aesthetic hallucinosis that makes the darkness darker and induces the reader to forget that this is just fiction. This is grimly brilliant work." --Edward Lee, author of City Infernal and The Bighead

"The Forbidden Gospels of Man-Cruel II reads like the insanely fertile hybridization of the oeuvres of David Britton, Kathy Acker, Clark Ashton Smith, William Burroughs and the Marquis de Sade. It humps its way into your lap, inserts gelatinous tentacles into your various orifices, and decants its info-dump as a rush of alien nucleotides. This fiction should carry an FDA warning as a mutagenic substance." --Paul D. Filippo, author of the erotic dark fantasy A Mouthful of Tongues and the story collection Neutrino Drag

"t. [sic] winter-damon [sic sic] has published widely in the zine-world and on the lunatic fringes of SF. The kind of free-form "speculative" texts he writes once enjoyed a presence in commercial SF (during the mostly-British New Wave period)... but editorial timidity has suppressed the experimental style... The "experimental text" is now an established literary genre; at its juciest it demands just as tight a discipline as the Hard stuff -- and it can attain (as it does here, for instance) the intensity of a visionary wetdream." --Robert Anton Wilson, co-editor, Semiotext(e) SF anthology (excerpted from his introduction)

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