The Forbidden Gospels of Mancruel Volume II
by t. Winter-Damon and Randy Chandler

"The Octave Doctor sent me to watch the Initiation of t. winter-damon and Randy Chandler. It was in a BBQ joint in El Paso, Texas. Right on the border of Texas and New Mexico. You could watch a hill that was in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. It had a statue of Jesus on top of it. Mexican bandits liked to rob American tourists who would climb to the top of the hill, as they spiraled around they would leave US jurisdiction and the bandits would rob them while US marshals looked on. It was their little jest." --Don Webb

Introduction by Don Webb
Illustrations by Steve James and Bruce Young
ISBN 1-886988-10-2
For Mature Readers

Excerpts and reviews are coming shortly. For now...

Lucy, Slice, slaughtered poetry, experimental passion plays, and even an incidental hitch-hiker. The mental disembowelment continues from Book One, but this time perhaps with a dreamier quality.

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