The Forbidden Gospels of Mancruel Volume I
by t. Winter-Damon and Randy Chandler

"But, irreverent pranksters that they are, Chandler and Winter-Damon also injected the text with current cultural references, inarguably personal observations, and private jokes, such as metastasizing your humble guest-writer into yuppie scum who has some not-very-nice-at-all things done to him. Bastards." --Brian Hodge

Introduction by Brian Hodge
Illustrations by Dino of Flatline
ISBN 1-886988-09-9
For Mature Readers

Excerpts and reviews are coming shortly. For now...

Within these pages you will find tales so horrible and shocking that your brain may choose to erupt into noxious lesions rather than continue with its existence. Hidden for generations (at least according to various introducers), now this atrocity is finally being unleashed into the world. A sign of the End Times, or partial cause? Only you can decide, if your powers of reason remain intact...

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