A POUND OF EZRA and Other Units of Gothic Measure
by Gregory R. Hyde

Introduction by Edward Bryant
Illustrations by Steve James
ISBN 1-886988-11X
For Mature Readers

Excerpts and reviews are coming shortly.

Modern transportation can relocate you to far-away portions of the country, where the people and their customs seem alien. Or it can bring you to an entirely different country where not only the languages, customs, and mannerisms seem incomprehensible. But picture the future of transportation, perhaps even the present of it in segments of reality you haven't yet encountered. Board a train and find yourself landing, at one time, at a station where you are greeted by an artistic experiment an amoeba sculpted from the living body parts of several people, each with a contrasting personality. It's balance, you are told. At another time you might visit a city where target practice is necessary for the day when the zombies from Central America arrive, and where the most seedy sides of pornography are enacted. You could find yourself in a zone where elections have "evolved" into a gruesome test of loyalty for the candidates' supporters. Or even a future where children have become the bonding-deficient province of test tubes and nurturing programs. Or, perhaps, the only place the train will genuinely transport you to is away from the past you've been stuck living in. The only way to know where it will take you is to climb aboard and explore.

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