A Good CuntBoy is Hard to Find
by Doug Rice

Introduction by Lidia Yuknavitch
Illustrations by Jeff Katrencik & T. Motley
ISBN 1-886988-08-0
For Mature Readers

Excerpts are coming shortly. For now...

How many holes does a body have? How many holes can be made? Might they be filled with foreigners, with your father's and sister's cocks, with pennies from Heaven? How many poems, eaten raw, would be required to convert the word into flesh? How might a girl, who was a boy, have his cunt taken in a basement, become lost in her grandma's endless bed, remove glue from her lips and barbed wire from her tongue? Failed Thanksgiving dinners aside, you must learn the answers to these questions (and numerous others) within these sticky pages. Digest them, but try a little antacid first.

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