Cyber-Psychos AOD Personal Reality Submissions

Every individual grasp of reality differs. What is your reality? Jot it down and email it along. The personal reality essays have ranged in length from a couple of brief paragraphs to approximately 3,500 words. It should definitely be impressive (to me) if it's going to be over 1,000 words though. Some examples of the things that people tend to include in their personal realities are: religion, death, overpopulation and extinction, reprogramming your mind through meditation and/or hallucinogens, experiences that led to trauma and behaviour, the paranormal, etc. Kindly stick with your own reality rather than one which you think might sound nifty in print. This is a NON-fiction department.

Examples: Following are the titles and authors of Personal Reality Essays which were previously published in Cyber-Psychos AOD and remain indicative of our interests. Tolerance and Personal Power by Don Webb, Musical Realities and LSD-25 by Paul W. Campbell, AIDS and Dimension Hopping by John Kerper, The Ritual of the Black Sun by Loren Rhoads, and D'eja' Vu D'eja' Vu: Past Lifetimes or Memories of the Future? by R. N. Taylor.

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