Cyber-Psychos AOD Poetry Submissions

As far as poetry goes I tend to prefer experimental form weirdness, but I'm eclectic. Make it surreal, gloomy, emotive, or otherwise captivating. I'm really not much of a poetry fan in general, so I tend to just cram some of it into whichever empty gaps happen to appear in each typeset issue. Though if you are as good of a poet as, say, Bruce Boston we might go more out of our way to create empty gaps for you. (Who us? Biased? Certainly!) I have to warn you that I can get irritable about things like forced rhymes in poetry. Don't feel compelled to sacrifice content for structure. At the moment we don't have a line limit for poems, but obviously short ones are easier to cram in than epics are.

Examples: The following poets have previously been published in Cyber-Psychos AOD and remain indicative of our interests. Bruce Boston, Uncle River, Tom Hamill, Wayne Allen Sallee, and John Kerper (aka J. K.).

Note: I currently have an overly-long collection of submitted and accepted poetry which has been taking far too long to get crammed into issues. As a result I won't be accepting any more poetry until the glut clears out. Please do not attempt to submit any before I announce that I'm reading it again.

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