Cyber-Psychos AOD Interview Submissions

If you wish to submit an interview, you must first query to make sure the interviewee is someone we would be interested in. We will accept interviews which are up to 6,500 wds. If the interview is absolutely mind-blowing we'll accept a higher count. Don't ask about submitting types of interviews which have never come close to being in the magazine. Go over the previously used material, plus the manifesto for the cyber-psycho subculture (I didn't write it, but I do agree with enough of it -- particularly the named examples), and whatever else might give you a free hint or two at what we might be interested in. If you successfully ressurected Lautreamont and interviewed him we would most likely accept it. Interviews must be in Q&A format, with an introduction. The introduction should cover most of the basics and be relatively short (one paragraph only). The body of the interview should cover moreso philosophical grounds, rather than "This is the new release and here is how you can buy it". Topics of interest include the ranges of psychology, philosophy, politics (avoid preachiness and PC head-bashing), etc, and how it applies to the interviewee's art. You can get varied, talk about history or drugs or insanity or death. Or whatever. Simply avoid doing interviews that look like flat commodity advertisements.

Examples: Following are some of the interviewees who have previously appeared in Cyber-Psychos AOD and remain indicative of our interests. Misha, Larry McCaffery, Hakim Bey, G. X. Jupitter- Larsen, Paul M. Sammon, Lucy Taylor, Adam Parfrey, Crash Worship, Present, Vampire Rodents, Architect's Office, Sleep Chamber, Charnel Music, and Joe Christ.

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