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Cyber-Psychos AOD Submission Guidelines

Cyber-Psychos AOD supports independent artists and will gladly review, and list mail order availability for, independently published music, small press, etc. We also encourage submissions from unpublished writers and artists (with talent!) in the open markets. You should always inspect a sample copy of the magazine before submitting.

Currently accepting: Nothing. CPAOD is on hold, due to financial and health difficulties. However, various CPAOD projects are in the preliminary planning stages. If you want to keep up on them, please join the latest CPAOD-News.

Currently NOT accepting: Fiction. Poetry. Book proposals. Do not send any of these unless you want them to be lost with no commentary.

CPAOD Books: I do not process (read or look at) unsolicited book manuscripts. Please don't waste your time and postage by sending them.

Specific Guidelines

Feel free to contact me with any further questions or comments.

Jasmine Sailing
Cyber-Psychos AOD

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