Cyber-Psychos AOD Art Submissions

Illustrations are specifically assigned as each issue is being compiled. The options are interior story illustrations (black and white) and the cover (colour). If you wish to provide cover art or interior illustrations, you must acquaint me with yourself and your art beforehand. Send a portfolio. Photocopies are ok, as long as the quality is good enough for me to see the details. I don't like sketchy art. I know I'm a rarity in that but I don't like it, so don't bother sending it. I enjoy fine art with shading and weird twists. I enjoy dark and creepy surrealism. I enjoy intricately detailed and patterned line drawings (such as with, say, tattoos of Malaysian designs). Absolutely do not send artwork revolving around ridiculously large bosomed women. No silly cheesy monsters (except in the instance of blatant satire). Hopefully you get the picture.

Examples: The following artists have previously been published Cyber-Psychos AOD and remain indicative of our interests. Gordon Klock, H. E. Fassl, t. Winter-Damon, Andi Olsen, Alex Seminara, Voodoo, Will Anders, Paul Schiola, and Jim Bob Cook.

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