Cyber-Psychos AOD Artist Portfolio Submissions

Artist Portfolios are intended for displaying a range of work by one artist. The images are accompanied by either an essay or an interview. The essays are written by the featured artists, and cover whatever they consider to be important aspects of their art (don't be dull, please). Interviews must also cover pertinent artistic topics (but it can drift, and personal introspections are always welcome). The word count for an essay should be approximately 800-3000 words. Interviews often run longer (please check the interview guidelines), but please keep it in mind that the more text there is -- the less art you can fit in with the portfolio. We can only fit one Artist Portfolio in each issue of the magazine. If you would like to submit one, please check the "now accepting" category of the guidelines index to see if proposals for them are being read.

Examples: This is a new feature so the only Artist Portfolios which have been accepted to date were from H. E. Fassl (essay) and Andi Olsen (interview).

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