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Cyber-Psychos AOD Advertising Rates & Info

Full Page: $160 (7.5" x 10")
Half Page: $80 (7.5" x 5" or 3.75" x 10")
Quarter Page: $40 (3.75" x 5")
1/6 Page: $30 (2.5" x 5")
Business Card: $15
Payable to Jasmine Sailing

Distributor Circulation: 5,000 (International)
Distributors Include: Desert Moon, BBR Distribution, Tower Records, and Ubiquity.
Mail Orders Include: Mark Ziesing Books, Chris Drumm Books, & Toxic Broadcast System.

Interests: All types of sordid things. Anime, manga, music (experimental, old industrial, noise, new "industrial" and "gothic", transcendental, diverse), literature (fringe fiction of any leaning, particularly cerebral and/or surreal), creative technology, occult, comics and film (both in same veins as literature), erotica (plus fetishes, S/M, and body mod), spare rocket launchers....

Please contact us for deadlines, or check the upcoming issue stats through the CPAOD home page.

Cyber-Psychos AOD
PO Box 581
Denver, CO 80201
Address email queries to: Bruce Young.

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