Cyber-Psychos AOD #9

Issue #9 Contents:

Stats: Approx. 136pp, 8.5" x 11", perfect-bound, colour cover, b/w interior.

Date: August, 1999

Feature: Andrew Vachss

Cover Illustration: Gordon Klock and Amara Sailing (age 3)

Editorial: Status quo drooling psychotics.

Interviews with: Andrew Vachss, R. N. Taylor, Don Webb, M. Parfitt, black tape for a blue girl, & Arkov Kapacitor.

Fiction by: Andrew Vachss, Don Webb, Robert Devereaux, M. Christian, Michael Hemmingson, Paul Collins, Charlee Jacob, William Andrew, Deidra Cox, Sean Doolittle, Brian Geddes, Gregory G. Nyman, & Julia Matusov.

Poetry by: Uncle River, Tom Hamill, & J.K.

Articles: The Laserium of Sound: San Francisco's Audium Theatre; A Report on the Postmodern Piracy Festival: in dire deary format; Death Equinox '98: A Collection of Thoughts and Feelings; Sex & the Hypno-Ray?: coverage of TV's sexual content; A Few of the Interesting Characters I've Discovered Under the Floorboards: self-publishing band highlights from Little Fyodor's radio show; and Cyber-Cents: an interview with the most frequent scribe of this column (Arkov Kapacitor).

Commentary/Non-Fiction by: Gene Santagada, Loren Rhoads, Little Fyodor, Michael Hemmingson, Brendan Merritt, Bob Riedel, Kelly Gunter Atlas, Barbara Griffith, Bruce Young, Jasmine Sailing, Brian Hodge, Doug Rice, Joe Nahmad, John Everson, J.K., Steve James, Louis Kahn Nygen, & Lisa Sutpen.

Artist Portfolio: M. Parfitt

Illustrators: Gordon Klock, Amara Sailing, Steve James, Richard A. Schindler, Jeffrey Thomas, & Bruce Young.

Comics: Schism and Hector.

Personal Reality Essays: Nature's Children: Throwing Off the Cloak by Kelly Gunter Atlas; and Art Bell & Me by Michael Hemmingson.

Additional: As always there will be tons and tons (adjust those eye glasses) of reviews of music, magazines, books, comics, film, etc, with the usual preferential leaning toward the independents and small press.

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