Cyber-Psychos AOD #8

Issue #8 Contents:

Stats: Approx. 140pp, 8.5" x 11", perfect-bound, colour cover, b/w interior.

Date: October, 1998

Feature: Doug Rice

Cover Illustration: Andi Olsen (background & colouring by Bruce Young)

Editorial: Common decency Vs. blanket moralities.

Interviews with: Misha; Andi Olsen; Hector; Mason Jones of Charnel Music, Ongaku Otaku, Trance, & Subarachnoid Space; Michael Moynihan of Storm Records & Blood Axis, and author of Lords of Chaos; Present (from Belgium); & a Readercon panel transcription featuring Paul Di Filippo, Lance Olsen, The Joey Zone, & Jasmine Sailing

Fiction by: Doug Rice, Uncle River, Wayne Allen Sallee, Christopher Morris, Jeffrey Thomas, Kurt Newton, DF Lewis, Mark McLaughlin, Geoff Jackson, Kerry Knudsen, Bo Vilmos Widerberg, Deborah Hunt, & Erik Rush.

Short-short prose & poetry by: Bruce Boston, Uncle River, Scott H. Urban, Scott C. Holstad, Tom Hamill, Paul Weinman, & Kerry Knudsen.

Articles: That CuntBoy's Mugwump: a collective dissection of Doug Rice's Blood of Mugwump; Transformative Communal Magick: the Death Equinox '97 recap; Sex & the Silver Screen?: reviews of film sex (or not); Sacrificing Talking Assholes to Patron Saints: a personal reflection on William S. Burroughs; A Few of the Interesting Characters I've Discovered Under the Floorboards: self-publishing band highlights from Little Fyodor's radio show; Only the Dead Know Graceland: the sordid tale of an Elvis impersonator; and Cyber-Cents: Lubrication.

Commentary/Non-Fiction by: Don Webb, Lance Olsen, Wayne Allen Sallee, The Joey Zone, Brian Hodge, Gene Santagada, Moinous, Raine Koskimaa, lidia yuknavitch, Don Harrold, R. N. Taylor, Loren Rhoads, Jeffrey A. Stadt, Little Fyodor, Babushka, Bill Lemieux, Gene Kannenberg Jr., Bruce Young, Jasmine Sailing, Joe Nahmad, Michael Hemmingson, Ron Howerton, Jazz, & Chris Yardley.

Artist Portfolio: Andi Olsen

Illustrators: Andi Olsen, Gordon Klock, Richard A. Schindler, T. Motley, Bruce Young, Kurt Von Drain, Dino of Flatline, and Jeff Gaither.

Comics: Schism and Hector.

Personal Reality Essays: Walking Through the Shadows of the Soul by Jeffrey A. Stadt; The Ritual of the Black Sun by Loren Rhoads; and D'eja' Vu D'eja' Vu: Past Lifetimes or Memories of the Future? by R. N. Taylor.

Additional: As always there will be 100s and 100s (adjust those eye glasses) of reviews of music, magazines, books, comics, film, etc, with the usual preferential leaning toward the independents and small press.

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