Issue #7 Contents:

Stats: 140pp, 8.5" x 11", perfect-bound, colour cover, b/w interior.

Date: August, 1997

Feature: John Shirley

Editorial: Perceptions of Death

Cover Illustration: Alex Seminara

This issue has been dedicated to the memory of the life of John E. Graves III who passed away in the beginning of 1996. A Memorium (consisting of essays/retrospectives, snippets from a Dark Shadowz interview, & poems) is included.

Interviews with: John Shirley, Larry McCaffery, Paul M. Sammon, Phillip Kent, Tiamat, Carol Lay, Little Fyodor, & Jaci Marsh.

Fiction by: John Shirley, Charlee Jacob, Bill Eakin, Thomas Wiloch, Jeffrey Thomas, P.J. Roberts, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, C.S. Fuqua, Jennifer Swift, S.L. Shrewsbury, & Dave Mariah.

Short-short prose & poetry by: Bruce Boston, WH Pugmire, KK Ormond, Wayne Allen Sallee, Scott H Urban, Scott C Holstad, Tom Hamill, John Everson, & John Kerper.

Articles: Cold Meat Industry: The Morbid Plague of Scandinavia: coverage of CMI bands, and their releases; Digital Frothing Cyber-Psychos: the Cyber-Psycho subculture on-line; Death Equinox '97: what is this new convention?; In Memorium of John E. Graves III; The Silver Screen and the Darkness Within: the Quest for Transformation through cinema; Mutiny in the Toy Store: what's at Toys R Us these days?; The Bad Boy's View of the World and Himself: the justice system; Cyber-Cents: kitchen chemistry; and the Incredible Two-Headed TV Casualty's movie review column.

Commentary/Non-Fiction by: Don Webb, Brian Hodge, H. E. Fassl, Paul T. Riddell, Michael Hemmingson, S. Darnbrook Colson, Amey Mazurek, The Incredible 2-Headed TV Casualty, John Kerper, Erryn Mnementh, Steven Snair, Arkoff Kapacitor, R. Nicholas Taylor, Alex S. Johnson, Chad Hensley, The Joey Zone, Gordon Klock, Jasmine Sailing, Paul Lemos, Richard Singer, John Everson, Alex Seminara, Bruce Young, Ed Finkler, Joel McLemore, Jazz, Ron Howerton, Paul Graves, & Stephanie Walton.

Artist Portfolio: H. E. Fassl

Illustrators: Alex Seminara, Gordon Klock, Brian Clark, Matt Allison, Richard A. Schindler (RAS), Christian Patchell, Dave O'Brien, N.Tro.P, Bruce Young, & Brian Cooper.

Comics: Biology 120, Schism, Nymph.

Self-Publishing Band Profiles: VHK & Pounce Intl

Personal Reality Essays: AIDS and Dimension-Hopping by John Kerper; & Extinction Outside of Dreams by Erryn Mnementh.

Additional: 100s and 100s (adjust those eye glasses) of reviews of music, magazines, books, comics, & film, with the usual preferential leaning toward the independents and small press. Includes Michael Hemmingson's essay review of Harlan Ellison's Mephisto in Onyx.

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