Dead of Night review of Cyber-Psychos AOD #6

From Dead of Night, review by t. Winter-Damon.

I'll summarize Jasmine's madhouse remix as "Dangerous Visions for the Pre-Apocalypse..." Killer lineup, as usual, this time featuring Brian Hodge and Sleep Chamber. Lengthy and candid interviews by Editor Jasmine Sailing with both Hodge ("Hope Tainted Nihilistic Catharsis"), the very enthralling and talented author of five mass-market novels (Dark Advent, Oasis, Nightlife, Deathgrip, The Darker Saints) and numerous short stories, and with John Zewizz, founding and guiding force of the always-controversial musical group: the Boston-based Sleep Chamber. Don Webb interviews the ever-fascinating and ever-eloquent Uncle River ("Poet of the Cosmic Cycle"), widely published poet/author and editor of the litzine XIZQUIL. Also interviews with Mark "The Kafka Chronicles" Amerika, the mind-bending, delightfully dangerous, Chaos practitioner/anarchist Hakim Bey (The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism), the flamboyant and often-villified writer/editor /publisher/actor Adam Parfrey (Apocalypse Culture, Cult Rapture; Feral House Productions -- The Satanic Witch, The Devil's Notebook, The Secret Life of a Satanist, Secret & Supressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History), the musical/ multimedia group Severed Heads, and artist Alex Seminara. Fiction aplenty, with such deranged treats as Brian Hodge's "Meat in the Machine", Mark McLaughlin's "Tread the Backward Spiral", K.K. Ormond's blackly venemous and controversial "Sex, Lies, & Derelict Dicks", and Bruce Boston's poem "State of the Union". Also of particular interest -- "Death and the Psychedelic Experience" by R. Nicholas Taylor, and the review section, which features an in-depth review (by yours truly) of Bruce Boston's novel "Stained Glass Rain", along with dozens and dozens (I lost track...but I think I counted well over one hundred!) of recording, live performance, book, and zine reviews. I NEVER MISS this zine -- 5 thumbs up!

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