Review Excerpts:
Little Fyodor's Dance of the Salted Slug

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

Dance of the Salted Slug ($8, PO Box 973 Boulder, CO 80306)
I can't even think of the title of the first track without tapping my toes & repeating "Oh God, I Feel Like Shit". Suppose the dancy nature applies to "You Can Dance on My Grave". Well, we all love Little Fyodor & Babushka around here. Maybe you can't check them out live as often as we can, but you must get this CD (follow up to Idiots Are Closer to God). How to describe Little Fyodor: Ah, well, the sound would indicate that he liked the Residents but his insanity is definitely his own. Guitar & keyboard mainly (some drums, banjos, etc.), no disco or thrash. The sentiment.. well, take life's pressure points, try to look at them with a minimalistic yet completely twisted outlook, remove all chirpy optimism, add a blunt form of convolution. No, that doesn't make sense. "I am insane/ There's strange things in my brain./ I don't know where they came from./ They're not a part of me./ I wish that they would go way and leave my poor brain be./ I am a nut./ If there's a joke I'm sure to be the butt./ I hear the voices laughing at me./ I wish I could laugh too./ I hope I'm giving them a good time./ It's the least that I can do." Probably my favourite track on this disc. It's almost too much with the whistle sound & the final lyrics about striking back & emptying the insanity from his brain. You need this, it's beautiful. -Jasmine Sailing

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