Review Excerpts:
Feral House's Secret and Supressed

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

SECRET AND SUPRESSED: Banned Ideas & Hidden History
Edited By Jim Keith (Feral House, 1993)
This book poisoned my dreams. Columns of HIV-infected crabs -- each one bigger than the last -- were released into my bed by the CIA... And when I woke up in a cold sweat, the eyes of the skinhead on the cover of this book were fixed on me in a menacing stare. Thinking back on what I'd read -- from John Judge's dispassionate case that the US intelligence services were involved in the Jonestown massacre, to Kenn Thomas' contextualization of "A Draft of Danny Casolaro's Octopus Manuscript Proposal" -- I knew what had poisoned me: the truth. As the editor put it in his introduction: "It seems fair to warn you, however, that even a tentative scartching at the gargoyle-facade that passes for reality will likely unleash a clutch of demons from the far side of Truth." The most disquieting eassys are in the "Menticide" section of the book. Anna Keeler gives us the best exposition to date of Remote Mind Control Technology -- if you doubt that it exists, READ THIS ARTICLE!!! To my mind, there is nothing so nefarious as targeting the brain with coded microwaves, which is what your friendly government did to the female peace activists of Greenham Common, England, who were protesting the build-up of nuclear weapons, and to those under siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. When you hear a madman yell, "They made me do it", ask yourself what makes him so mad. And, after reading Robert Naeslund's An Open Letter to the Swedish Prime Minister Regarding Electromagnetic Terror (including X-Rays showing brain implants), Kerry Thornley's case for paranoia seemed very reassuring to this paranoid. And then the book gets really weird. We have Downard's Science of Symbolism that Robert Anton Wilson described as "the most absurd, the most incredible, the most ridiculous Illuminati theory of them all". A nice compendium of the myths surrounding the death of Jim Morrison. The Last Testamnet of Rev. Jim Jones with a picture of the Rev. kissing a chimp. Secrets From the Vatican Library from a Franciscan monk -- a grandiose conspiracy theory that centers on the "Teutonic/Zionist clique" (a Vatican library chit is reproduced at the end of the essay). G.J. Krupey's article on the origin of AIDS is an extremely well-written, researched, and reasoned, report on the liklihood of Pentagon involvement in creating the disease. And to round off this tour-de-force of the unnaceptable there's a long, riveting, interview with Nazi International chief, Otto Skorzeny. Whereas the owners of the world use the mainstream media as the gaurdian angel of sleep, this dispatch from the margins is a wake-up call. Secret And Suppressed gives you the poison of truth that will make your stomach turn, like a little dose of cyanide. -Len Bracken

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