Review Excerpts:
Fields of the Nephilim's Revelations

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

Revelations (Beggar's Banquet)
This is a posthumous release. Yes, their breakup still depresses me {Ed: sniffle, me too}. Here we have a case of packaging design not doing justice to what's inside. Sure, it has that old, mysterious, look of their earlier releases, but in looking over the listings on the back you'd never get the idea there are actually 2 discs involved. Disc 1 is a best-of compilation, drawing mostly from their 1st 2 full-length releases, plus the single edit of Elizium's For Her Light, the studio version of the epic Psychonaut, and the staggering powerhouse live recording of Dawnrazor. Disc 2, whose listings you'll find only on the inside, is what makes this essential for any Nephilim fan, even if you have all the stuff on the 1st disc. This one boasts several remixes of songs that sound very different from their more familiar album versions, plus the rare import b-side In Every Dream Home a Heartache, which finds the Nephs at their most introspective and, well, yeah, dreamy. For the uninitiated, Revelations makes a perfect introduction to the most awe-inspiring band to ever emerge from a cloud of dry-ice fog. But even if you think you've heard it all by now, you probably haven't. Lucky you! -Brian Hodge

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