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Permeable Press' Puck

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

PUCK: The Unofficial Journal of the Irrepressible
Ed: Brian Clark (84pps, $17.00/3, Permeable Press)
I got this for free as a reviewer, which is good because I would have to buy it for 3 reasons: Hugh Fox, Michael Hemmingson, & Freddie Baer. This issue {The psiberPuck issue} is decanted to the memories of Frank Zappa, Robert Anton Wilson, & Papa John Creech. But wait you say -- Robert Anton Wilson isn't really dead that was just an Internet hoax. Don't these people have any respect for the Truth? They are interested in something much more important -- ideas which once formed can't go away. They're not just interested in their own; although the 26+ contributors are some of the great idea crafters in the small (or any) press, but are also interested in throwing the spotlight around on other goodies -- as they put it "16 tons of reviews." In addition to the above named talent my favorite entries were an article on Generation X in Australia by McKenzie Wark (with some interesting cross commentary on Japanese Gen X), & Brian's review of the latest Mystic Fire videos. I can get my local store to order a couple of "other" videos a year, but it's hard to find out what's worthwhile -- good stuff here! Permeable Press also has a service, mail them $5.00 & they'll send you a pound of small press goodies. A nice node on the eternal network here... -Don Webb

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