Review Excerpts:
Cliff Burns' Genuinely Inspired Primitive

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

By Cliff Burns (Earth Prime Productions PO Box 29127 Parma, OH 44129)
Cliff Burns is weird... so of course I like him. He writes these short (very short) pieces of fiction that don't conjunct well with our stasis reality. Maybe they actually are our reality & we're simply on too many drugs to notice. 25 of them are included here. A few of the ones on side B are even bonus tracks. A poor werewolf finds himself evicted by his family after returning from the night's romping & is hassled by the police. There's a summary of true love, adultery, & prison. There's the monotony of evil. There's a dead-end life at the age of 30, & a fetish for facial hair on women. A positive press release for a war is even included. It's very hard to sum up these short bits. I think you should get a copy of the book & try to figure them out on your own. Good luck. -Jasmine Sailing

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