Review Excerpts:
Freddie Baer's Ecstatic Incisions

(Review excerpt from Cyber-Psychos AOD #6.)

by Freddie Baer (AK Press $11.95)
This a very beautiful (& extensive) collection of Freddie Baer's collage art. The range extends from temple ruins to politics, particularly in the vein of feminism and sexual freedom. Since I'm not very good at describing art I think I'll put a picture alongside this. The preface was written by Peter Lambourne Wilson, an interesting rant about anarchism in collage. Thomas Murray Saté asks 20 questions, which in turn provide details on Freddie's political past, publishing experience, t-shirt of the month club, the steps she takes in doing her collages, etc. Other text bits are through art/prose/essay/t-shirt collaborations she did with Hakim Bey, Brian Kane, Jason Keehn, Jim Gilman, David Watson, & t. Fulano. Definitely recommended. -Jasmine Sailing

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